Sokol and Weia

These two areas are fallen countries located in western Eoshas, and were one of the three ‘Ancient States’ the region was named for. Both were powerful countries for over a thousand years, where they stayed in relative peace building their empires.
Over a hundred years ago, in the year 3711, the country of Sokol was hit by a magical cataclysm in its city of Starryash. A wave of energy erupted from the city, killing hundreds of thousands, and corrupting the land. The dead were raised as undead abominations and began spreading across the land. Over the following months the blight spread from the capital to the other major cities of the area. In spring of that year, the remaining troops of Sokol attempted to fight back the undead invasion. By the summer of the same year, the entire force had been decimated. The failed attempt is known as the First Sokol Crusade.
One year after the end of the first crusade, the blight was still spreading, and had nearly reached the border between Sokol and Weia. It was at this time, in Autumn of 3712, that Weia organized the Second Sokol Crusade. Several paladin orders and troops from the dwarven nation of Untl also joined the crusade. For two years the army waged war on the undead that roamed the landscape, and discovered intelligent undead leaders and generals that were following orders from an unknown source. In Winter of 3714, the crusade had taken heavy casualties, and retreated back into Weia. Later that year, the country was abandoned entirely, and refugees began long treks across the continent to countries like Bowyn or towards the Mawre Vale.

The region remains incredibly dangerous, and huge hordes of hundreds of mindless undead travel across the country. Sokol’s capital of Starryash has been almost entirely undocumented since its fall, though some adventurers claim to have gone there and returned. The treasures of two fallen nations still lure many adventurers to the blighted lands, who either come back wealthier than most can imagine, or are never seen from again.

The Third Sokol Crusade began one year ago, and is gathering forces at the border of the blight. It is more organized than past crusades, and has troops gathered from across the world.