Located on the continent of Eoshas in the Northern Tundra.

The country of Saoxfast spawls all across the Northern Tundra of Eoshas, and is the only country to settle these lands. The hardy people that live there spent their time fishing, fighting and fu-… having healthy relationships. The country is spread across many small islands, some of which are entirely ice and float at will.

They do little trading with other countries, and most people think of them as backwater barbarians. Four times a year, Saoxfast sends a massive caravan westward towards Bowyn to trade for what they need, often overpaying several times over so they do not have to take thousands of pounds of fish and crafted goods back to Saoxfast.

The Saoxfast people are famed for their hardiness, work ethic, and boating skills. Magic users among them often use cold related spells.

Major Cities

*Crackbull Crag – The largest of the floating cities, and home of the elders of Saoxfast.