Located on the continent of Agidan

Juuta is a huge country that takes up more than half of all the land mass on the continent. The country is fairly diverse in the temperature and biomes of Juuta. The country is mostly devoid of mountains except for a massive mountainous region in the center of the country, whose snowy peaks stretch into the clouds.

The eastern portion of the country borders the Spellscar and Aeythyllwyn, whose war torn lands have morphed into jagged peaks and deep valleys. The southern border connects with Norkeep, a small country that recently declared independence from Juuta.

Juuta is known primarily for it’s size and being a common stop on nearly every multi-continental voyage.

The capital of Juuta is Osayr, located to the west of the Spellscar.

The countries of Juuta and Aeythllwyn are officially at war, a war that had started nearly 800 years ago when the ruler of Aeythllwyn was assassinated. Juuta denies having anything to do with it, but regardless the war began. Juuta’s larger numbers were able to repel the elven mages and skilled archers of Aeythllwyn, and the war has been in a constant stalemate since its beginning.
The border of the two countries has been in constant battle for so long that it has warped both the terrain and weather of the region, a vast swath of land miles upon miles long, each side losing and gaining territory at an equal rate.

Though the two countries are at war, neither truly wants to be, and trading caravans freely travel back and forth – docking officials generally ignoring forged manifests. The cause of this strange relationship is due mostly to the Spellscar and the soldiers fighting there. Each has been at war so long, that the soldiers fighting there are zealots for their country. Hatred of the other side only grows as entire generations of human soldiers are born and die on the front lines on Juuta’s side, and the long-lived elves of Aeythllwyn fight and die to avenge their fathers, mothers and siblings who may have died on the front lines over a century ago.
Neither side is willing to stop sending reinforcements to the Spellscar or even discuss a treaty, for fear that the other country’s zealots would break through their lines if they are not pushing forward at every opportunity.