Interesting Places for Character Generation

Here is a few notable locations to get started reading to work in character goals, plot hooks, and character backstories.

Ukari – A dense jungle continent and home of the Snakefolk, Catfolk, and Grippli. Ruins of former snakefolk empire, which fell almost 700 years ago. Popular location for adventurers to try to strike it rich with forgotten snakefolk artifacts.
Currently being overrun by dangerous aberrations.

Agidan – A vast continent dominated by two major countries that have been at war for 650 years. The Spellscar exists here, a vast stretch of land damaged by magical warfare, where strange weather and magical anomalies happen daily.

Sokol – A huge undead blighted area on the continent of Eoshas that is slowly expanding. Formerly two countries. Intelligent undead lead armies for an unknown leader. The Third Crusade recently began to combat the blight.

Mawre Vale – A set of small, but stable and well known countries, such as Iccot, a worldwide center for trade and Kirne, a country with some of the best trained soldiers in the world.

Osmein – A small country located on an island north west of Ukari. It is a massive center for arcane research and is one of the most advanced countries in the world in the magical arts. Think if MIT was the size of a country, and everyone was paranoid that other people are trying to steal their research (because they are).
Renowned for being one of the few places to get golems and advanced constructs made.

Eno-Zira Archipelago is a huge chain of islands that runs north to south. The tropical and jungle islands are home to many smugglers and pirates, who make it treacherous to pass through.

Interesting Places for Character Generation

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