Located on the continent of Eoshas in adjacent to the Eoshan Wastelands.

Bowyn is a temperate country whose great size means it has a bit of every kind of terrain. It is bordered by the Orcish hordelands to the southeast, and an icy cold sea to the north. A large mountain range to the east, and the Mawre Vale to the south protect its borders, leaving a more defensible area to maintain against the orcish hordes, which attack frequently. It is said that if Bowyn fell, the orcish hordes would likely spread through the entire continent.

Bowyn is ruled by nobility, with several noble families vying for the connections to ascend to the throne. It’s been this way for as long as history cares to write about, as the country itself is extremely old.
The capital of Bowyn, Rostok, is a costal city located between the eastern mountains, and the inner cold sea.

Major Cities

Rostok – The capital, on the coast of the inner sea, is a grandiose city with a dense population and grand monuments and constructions built by former rulers.