Located on the continent of Eoshas, south east of the Orcish Hordelands.

Astrakhan is a country of vast deserts and forgotten cities. The history of the country is long, but the constantly changing terrain means that structures, and sometimes entire cities, are lost to the sands. Many of the people of the country are nomads, and in general the country has few settlements. It has no true government, and is mostly ruled by a strong cultural loyalty to the land and its people – elders choose actions based on how they will benefit their people.

The unofficial capital of Astrakhan is Quabrit, a city on the south eastern coast of the country. It is said that powerful magic keeps the sand from encroaching on the city, and small oases the city is built around keep it thriving. It is a massive center of trade for gems, which are common in Astrakhan. The best jewelcrafters are often from Astrakhan.