Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Title: God of Balance, Negative and Positive Energy
Portfolio: Positive and Negative Energy
Domains: Healing, Death, Darkness, Sun, Time
Favored Weapon: Butterfly Sword

Aldt is a elder deity that has existed for longer than any civilization, but before recently was not a practiced religion outside of the few scholars that studied its holy texts. Worship of Aldt has been growing in popularity in Samor after a regional hero that worshipped the god refounded the religion in its capital.

Aldt is the god of balance and opposites in the world, and is said to ensure in the balance of positive and negative energy in the world. Followers of Aldt are commonly scholars and magic users who have great interest in expanding their control over both aspects, positive and negative. Priests and clergy frequently give sermons on dangers and benefits of each. Rumors of necromancy in the clergy have resulted in the religion being less popular outside of the country. The church is a common stop for those looking for magical healing.

Relations and Appearance

Aldt is unpopular amongst god that hate or revere the undead due to their desire to balance. Aldt remains neutral in most other situations.

Aldt’s appearance varies, and is generally depicted as either a male dwarf or female elf in simple gray robes. The favored weapon of the religion is a two bladed sword, one side of silver and the other of a darkened steel. Higher ranking clergy often received specially constructed daggers that balance the weight of each material.

Temples and Worshippers

Temples to Aldt frequently incorporate architecture of intermingling black and white designs, and are generally symmetrical in construction.

On the material plane Aldt is worshipped primarily in Samor, but is also finds worshippers within intelligent undead, and denizens of the Plane of Shadow. The few good aligned undead that exist are often worshippers of Aldt. It is said that Aldt’s home sits connected between the planes of positive and negative energy.