People of Almorra

Civilized Races

These races are hold civilizations of their own, or are common enough to be one of the majority races of cities or towns.


Humans are found all across Almorra and make up the majority of the civilized population of the world. Ethnicities vary from country to country, each country with its own distinct culture.


Dwarves are found in all cities, and several all Dwarven civilizations still exist. Dwarven settlements are most common in the northern Eoshas continent and in Gorix. Ancient dwarven ruins exist scattered across the world. Dwarven weapon and armor smithing is famous worldwide. Dwarven settlements are often more isolationist than other cultures, hidden away in mountains where they can mine uninterrupted.


As long lived as they are, elves can be found nearly anywhere in civilized lands. Their widespread existence makes them seem more common than they truly are, as few settlements are composed entirely of elves. Elven settlements are most common in the elven civilization of Aeythllwyn, on Agidan. They are famed archers and wizards.

Half Elves

Half elves can be found wherever humans live and elves may travel through. They are as varied in culture as the countries they live in, and more numerous than their elven ancestors. There are no half-elven civilizations.
Half-elves can be either one human and one elven parent, or two half-elven parents.

Half -Orcs

The rarity of half-orcs varies heavily across the world, depending mostly on the presence or lack of true blooded orcs. On continents like Eoshas that have sizeable orcish populations, half-orcs are more common. A half-orc can expect anything from pity, disgust, or being outright run out of town depending on the frequency of orc attacks. In countries far from orcish populations, racism towards half-orcs is lessened.


Halflings hold no major civilizations in the world, but often band together to form villages, and can be found in most civilized societies, especially humans, whom they get along well with. Juuta has more halfling villages than most, both due to the country’s size and age.


Gnomes are an uncommon sight in the world due to their smaller population, but can be found roaming across the farthest reaches of the world. The country of Osmein has the highest gnomish population, greatly benefiting from their inclinations towards tinkering and inventing.

Rare and Uncommon Races

These races generally do not have any towns or cities where they are the majority, but are common enough that most people could identify them and common traits and personalities they have.

Ifrit, Oread, Sylph, Undine

These elemental blooded races can be found across the world, but have no civilization. Occasional villages of elemental blooded races may be found around areas of elemental power, but usually these races lives and backgrounds are as varied as any human. Elemental blooded races often have personalities aligning with the element they are paired with.
They are uncommon enough that the average commoner may not recognize the race. Generally this is not a problem, but occasionally an Ifrit will be mistaken for a fire demon or devil, and Undine for a water spirit or nymph.


Ratfolk are an intelligent and curious race with a horrible reputation. They are most often seen as being dirty, disease ridden, and untrustworthy. Those that choose to live in human civilizations are often made to live in slums with other ‘untrustworthy’ races. Those ratfolk that live with their own people often live in nomadic trading caravans, or within communities within subterranean tunnel systems.
Ratfolk society places great value in community and cooperation, as well as a racial inclination towards studying and tinkering with complex things.


These crow-like humanoids can be found near major cities, often in slums. Their scavenging nature is causes them to be frowned upon, but those that rise out of the slums can be respected swordsmen, translators and merchants. They are also frequent on ships due to superstitions that they give good luck. They are most commonly found in Gorix, but sailing ships have deposited Tengu in port cities around the world.

There also exist two other bird-like humanoids that are closely related to the crow-like tengu, and share much of the same culture. Owl tengu and eagle tengu lose the prediliction towards linguistics, but have extraordinary sight.


This demon blooded race is generally met with mistrust and fear. In small or isolated villages, Tieflings are often confused for true demons, and might be run out of town or killed. Most tieflings that do not roam the world are found in cities of major trade, where diversity means they can settle without fear of being killed by superstitious villagers.
The country of Samor has more tieflings than most places, due to a massive demon attack over a century ago.


Aasimar are incredibly rare. Their mostly human appearances mean that most are mistaken for human magic users instead of the celestial blooded people they are. Those with very noticeable celestial features, such as wings or halos of light, are often mistaken for true angels. Religious individuals and scholars may be able to identify an Aasimar, but in general most never see one in their lives.


These undead or vampire blooded individuals are incredibly rare, and generally only found close to heavy undead activity. While many might not be able to identify a dhamphir, stories of them are fairly common. When identified, they are usually met with fear and disgust as abominations. Most dhamphir flee their homes to hide in settlements where their ancestry is not known.
Some dhamphir are born due to directly descending from vampiric or undead sources, and others are born due to closeness to negative energies while being born.
Dhamphir personality varies as much as their parent race. Untl has a larger number of Dhamphir than most countries, due to its closeness to undead Sokol


These shadow blooded individuals are mostly the realm of scholarly research and lore, and are incredibly rare in the world. They are often mistaken for a sickly human or someone touched by dark magic. They are born due to closeness to places of negative energy, or shadow spirits.


Catfolk are a strange sight outside of the jungle continent of Ukari where they make their home. They are easily recognizeable, but not entirely well understood by most. Their treetop villages are one of the few refuges from the dangers of the Ukari jungle floor, and catfolk have good relations with travelers to the continent. Rare catfolk adventurers roam outside of the jungle to explore civilized lands.


These tiny frogmen are found almost entirely in the jungles of Ukari, but small settlements of swamp dwelling grippli can be found in isolated villages on other continents. Mostly primitive hunter gatherers, occasionally a grippli will leave their home to explore, often bringing great knowledge of alchemy with them.


Kitsune are rare vulpine shapehifters found primarily on Gorix in very small numbers, where their knack for disguise allows them to blend in with human villages. They hold no civilizations, but in larger cities on Gorix are often accepted in their true forms. Kitsune generally live as small families together.

Other Races

These races vary in how common they are. These races might not have a true civilization, and are rare to find in other civilized cities. Often they have violent relations with humankind and are a rare sight in cities.


Drow are only found in their underground civilizations, and most people will not ever see one in their lives. Regardless of this, their violence and hatred of surface dwellers is legendary and most individuals would recognize a Drow on sight. Drow society regularly enslaves and tortures surface dwellers that wander too close to the entrances of their underground cities. They are not accepted into any civilized cities, and would be attacked on sight, and often hunted down by roaming would-be heroes.


Kobolds of varying scale colors are found across the world, often living in underground cave systems. Intelligent and crafty, kobolds often lay ambushes for trading caravans that pass by their cave homes, stealing food and supplies for themselves. Generally civilized races view them as a dangerous nuisance, and are not allowed in cities, but rarely there can be peaceful negotiations and trade relations, where the large amount of ore mined by kobold warrens is traded.
Kobolds are happily accepted into Osmein, where their expertise in trap making is encouraged by the arcane researchers wanting to protect their knowledge and arcane materials. In other parts of the world, thieves’ guilds occasionally employ kobolds for their small size and craftiness.
Homebrew stat change: +2 Dex, +2 Int, -2 Str


These manic, and insanity prone individuals are found across the world outside of cold and very hot climates. They are frequent raiders of human villages, and thought of with disgust by most races that know of them. Civilized goblins are unheard of, and the race seems to only survive by the speed goblins can multiply at. No city would let them in their walls for fear of the entire city burning down or being overrun.

Orc (Full blooded)

True orcs are generally found only as part of their own orcish tribes that commonly roam unclaimed lands pillaging. They are met with both fear and disgust worldwide, and in societies close to orcish influence. An orc may be able to pass as a half orc in societies far from orcish influence, but otherwise are accepted into few cities.


These cold blooded tribal people primarily live in swamps where they avoid other races. Often they can be violent to intruders on their lands, but generally do not go out of their way to make war with other races. When peaceful contact is made with a lizardfolk tribe, they can form mutually beneficial trade relations with small villages, but are generally not large enough to have any meaningful contact with larger cities.


These cold blooded reptilian people have snakelike heads and long tails in place of legs. Snakefolk civilizations were devastated by wars with other races, and now they generally stay to themselves in hidden jungle villages on the continent of Ukari. Those that do visit civilized lands are met with fear due to their appearance.

People of Almorra

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