Geography of Almorra

The world of Almorra is broken up into six major continents.

In the relation to the most commonly distributed maps of Almorra, Eoshas is the northeastern most continent. The climate varies across the continent, ranging from deserts and wastelands in the east, temperate forests in the west and cold icy tundras in the north. Large mountain ranges divide the continent into smaller sections. It is a heavily settled continent, and houses both old and new countries.

Agidan is the southern central continent. Its terrain is dominated by huge swathes of grasslands, with one large mountain range. Two very old civilizations control the majority of the continent, with a third recently gaining independence.

The Eno-Zira Archipelago is a series of large islands that separate the east and western portions of Almorra. They are mostly unsettled, but pirates have claimed the area, viciously preying on trade ships that attempt to pass through the straits.

Ukari is the mostly jungle continent in the south east section of the map. The continent is notable for the crusade that is organized to battle the increasingly dangerous fauna that are leaving the jungles, and the high number of abandoned ruins hidden away in its depths. To the north west of Ukari is the island country of Osmein, a place of high magic and sorcerous research unparalleled anywhere in the world.

Gorix is the south western continent. It is notable for the large number of countries that inhabit it, and the volatile politics and stability of those countries. A massive mountain range divides the continent in half.

Straenas is the north western continent. It is lightly populated except for its central island.

Geography of Almorra

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